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12 Jul War on the Black Man: Imprisonment and Recidivism

Earlier this year, it was revealed that the war on drugs was perpetrated to imprison educated, enlightened black men. This came as no surprise for those who are aware of the government and it's long history of institutionalized racism. Unfortunately, it didn't ignite a conversation that needed to be had on how to reprimand the enforcers and how to compensate those who fell victim to this system.

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29 Mar The Power of Melanin

For centuries, black people have been socialized to feel ashamed of our skin. It has been the cause of ridicule, discrimination and self-hate. Even if you're not a victim of self-hate. There are children who are growing up thinking that white skin is most ideal. Below is a video where young black children are expressing their bias toward a white skin tone.

It's extremely disheartening because our skin is the complete opposite of what we've been told. It's not dirty, ugly or evil. In fact, the darker the skin the more superior the genetics. Now when I say this, I'm not talking about a superior race. I'm referring to our skins ability to keep us youthful, healthy and beautiful.

Humanity says that our skin is bad but biology says otherwise. This is why we want to teach you about the health benefits of your dark tone. Not only is your skin beautiful but it is a gift from our ancestors that keeps us safe. If interested, read more after the break.

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