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The purpose of Brain is Wealth, Money is Temporary is to inspire and educate young men and women from all backgrounds who are in need of an uplifting and inspirational mentor.
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quote about knowledge

Fredrick Douglas once said, “that knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave”. I agree with this statement. A slave will not rebel or question what he does not know but an educated man has the power to rebel, question and changes the tide of power. I take this quote further by saying that while we may think we are free, we are not truly free until we are self-aware and well informed.

This is why society has been so demanding on keeping the minority ignorant. Not only could we use that power to uplift ourselves but also as a means to control our own destiny.

This is the purpose of Brain is Wealth, Money is Temporary. I want to inspire and educate young men and women from all backgrounds who are in need of an uplifting and inspirational mentor. Not only do I want young adults to know their history, their circumstances and their future. I also want them to know their options. I want to light a fire in our young people. I want them to control their lives and move toward a path of success. 

In fact, if anyone knows how difficult it can be to overcome poverty and struggle, it is me. Jamel Jackson.  A credited personal trainer and life coach for the past 8 years.  A college educated man from Alfred State College and Penn Foster College. A poor kid from the Linden Projects, one of the worst areas of Brooklyn (East New York City). A fatherless child separated from my parents because of the 80’s crack epidemic.

I’ve lived the unfortunate narrative of a man who sought my father figure through the streets. I’ve joined gangs and lived recklessly with an addiction to getting money. Not understanding how my addiction to money had adverse consequences. As a father of two, it is my duty to protect my children but as a grown, successful man of color, it is my duty to mentor young people and helps them see the beauty in knowledge. 

I want to help those who are going through family issues, personal issues, existential problems such as feeling lost and alone in society. My mission is to provide some sort of direction for them to get them and keep them on the path to greatness within their selves. I want children in the inner cities to have a chance to become something meaningful within this society.

I want to help them build a purpose for themselves and teach them to LIVE not waste their lives for anything or maintain a life with a lack of fulfillment. I was told that all children were born to be great but first, they have to know how great they can become.

Favorite Quotes

The future belongs to those who prepare for it today. 

– Malcolm X

Our Youth in inner-city communities can only go as far, as the adults who lead within the community.

– Jamel Jackson

The youth of today struggle because they are without leaders who believe they are worth investing time, energy and resources into them.

– Cuiara Thomas

I’m trying to win souls. I’m trying to get those that are out there to understand that it is more out there in life then what you are actually living. You don’t got to be what the neighborhood want you to be.

– Dashawn Jiwe Morris

It’s time for us to start worrying and get angry. Not angry and pick up a gun. Angry enough to start opening up our minds

– 2 Pac Shakur (Until the end of time song