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If interested in life coaching sessions please feel free to call the business phone number 678-895-0012.
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Networking and engagement are our favorite parts of online communication. We are always looking for new articles, quotes and suggestions when adding content to our website. We check every email and respond to every phone call. You can send us anything. From our personal quotes or a quote that motivates you, books that you think we should read, questions that you may need answered. Anything you feel you want shared that’s important and unknown or not talked about enough. 

We welcome all communications and inquiries relating to black culture and diversity, my services and my mission. Please provide your email address or telephone number in the form below if you would like a response to your message.

If interested in life coaching sessions please feel free to call the business phone number 678-895-0012. If we are not able to answer, leave your name and phone number and we’ll be happy to respond to you via phone. You can also email us at the email address

Life coaching sessions are available for both youth and adults in many different areas of you or your child’s life. Let me help you.

Jamel Jackson  Certified Personal Trainer and Life Coach


Cuiara Thomas a licensed eligible clinician with a Masters in Counseling & Community psychology and CASAC credentials from Sage graduate school.  She specializes in treating individuals with mental illness, spectrum disorders and other marginalized conditions.  She also specializes in program operations and program evaluation. She currently resides in Virginia.
If you would like to email her please submit a request via the form or email