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25 Jul What does Mel Jackson think about the Floods in Houston?

A few weeks ago you may or may not have heard about the major floods that occurred in Houston. One of our country's most populated cities. If you haven't heard about it, I wouldn't be surprised. Unless you were really in tune with national news, all you heard about was the NBA playoff series. Now this was quite a huge event,  240 billion gallons of rain poured down from the sky in one county. Seven people died and 1200 people had to be rescued. Yet, it was rarely talked about it.
So here are my thoughts.
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25 Jul How the TSA fails the American population?

After 9/11, the airport security became stricter and more invasive. It was a response to a growing fear of another Terrorist attack and as a result the TSA and Department of Homeland Security were created.  We've spent nearly a trillion dollars on homeland security since the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and people are starting to question whether or not they are as beneficial as they claim.

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12 Jul What’s Going on In Venezuela?

Right now, there is a crisis going on in Venezuela. Nearly one person is murdered every 20 minutes. At a whopping 25,000 violent murders  per year, Venezuela can be labeled as one of the most chaotic places on earth. With food shortages, hyperinflation, a dire health care system and constant power outages, Venezuela is inhabitable for even the most resourceful citizens. Why?

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12 Jul Feudalism Then Vs Feudalism Now

Imagine you're an employee at a successful retail store. You work there for a few years and the owner acknowledges you as a great employee who deserves a better position. You're hired as an assistant manager. Now you know just as much about running the store as him so he sends you to run the new store. You work like an owner but get paid an hourly rate of $4 above minimum wage. All the profits go to the owner. You do all the work but you make less than .02% of the earning while the owner earns over 75% of it.
Now escalate it to a larger scale where 10% of the population works for 75% of the country's income while the other 90% of the world only earns 25% of that income. Also, take note that the 90% does most of the hard work. The elite wants you believe this is capitalism. An economical system that is supposed to give you your fair share based on how hard you work  but I'd like to call it Feudalism. It's is something that’s been going on worldwide for centuries.  It’s the hidden system that’s remained in power since the Middle ages and it's even more powerful today than it was back then because you don't know it's still occurring.

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12 Jul The Strength of Melanated Hair

Earlier this month, a young man named Andrew Jones was denied access to his graduation because he violated the school dress code that condemned beards. According to the school, beards disrupts a healthy learning environment and other young men followed the rules so they didn't want to make an exception for him. The fact that they believe that a lack of beard equals clean and neat says something in itself but it's clear that this represented more than a rebellion against the school policy. This young man wasn't banned because he had a beard. He was banned because he wore dreads. He embraced his culture and they didn't want to let him enjoy his moment despite graduating Valedictorian. This is not something that can be reversed. He worked hard all year and didn't receive what was deserved. A chance to celebrate with his peers and walk across that stage.  I want to use this incident as an example of how often we are discouraged from embracing our heritage.  It is time that we reverse the lack of pride and learn about the strength in our melanin features. Starting with our hair.

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16 May What does Mel Jackson think about politics?

"We have to stop looking for white saviors."

 Dr. Umar Johnson
By this blog, you probably have an inkling as to where I stand when it comes to race and politics. Dr. Umar Johnson does an amazing job further expressing my opinion on this issue. I don't trust our government. This country was built on oppression and those who are in power have done a lot to sustain our role as minorities. 
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29 Mar Black Spending Power: Using our Buying Power to end Racism!

black spending power

Purchasing power is a license to purchase power.

Raoul Vaneigem

Last year was a very exciting year for Black Americans and minorities, in general. It was a year of struggle and triumph, a year to evaluate the lack of diversity, and a year of open dialogue on how we can change our underprivileged circumstances. Minorities are more popular and more influential than they’ve ever been. Something in the air smells like change and we’re very confident that we will see this change in 2016.

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29 Mar Beyond Black History Month

Cheering for diversity

Black History Month is a great symbol of race relations in this country. For centuries, we've always had to belittle our experiences for the sake of Caucasian comfort.

  • We ignore racism because we don't want whites to feel guilty for what they did to our people. 
  • We deny our culture and assimilate to satisfy the white standard of how one should act.
  • We allow ignorance and generalizations so that we don't offend their ignorant perspectives. 
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