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21 Nov Capitalism and Slavery by Eric Williams


You will never be free if you don’t learn your history and part of that lesson requires that you do your own self-learning before you accept the rhetoric of our biased history books. The world likes to paint black people as insignificant figures of this country. We are seen as poor, vulnerable and a demographic that lacks power. It is ok for blacks to be outcasts because the world thinks that we are useless.

But it is time to change the discussion and be honest about the true contributions that our ancestors have made toward western societies and most of the industrial revolution.  Without slavery, there would be no America.


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21 Nov Consumerism


The early 20th century was a great time for blacks in Greenwood, OK. The oil boom brought tons of educated, wealthy blacks to the area and it became the Negro Wall Street for many prominent black businessmen.

Prior to its destruction, the predominantly black town was worth over 30 million dollars in today’s currency. Money circulated and stayed in the town because everything was black owned. From the airports to the movie theaters, Greenwood money only ever touched black hands.

In 1921, a devastating race riot resulted in the destruction of nearly 2000 homes and over millions of dollars worth of businesses were burned to the ground. From that day on, we were never able to return to that state again.

Here’s why….

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25 Jul What does Mel Jackson think about the Floods in Houston?

A few weeks ago you may or may not have heard about the major floods that occurred in Houston. One of our country's most populated cities. If you haven't heard about it, I wouldn't be surprised. Unless you were really in tune with national news, all you heard about was the NBA playoff series. Now this was quite a huge event,  240 billion gallons of rain poured down from the sky in one county. Seven people died and 1200 people had to be rescued. Yet, it was rarely talked about it.
So here are my thoughts.
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25 Jul How the TSA fails the American population?

After 9/11, the airport security became stricter and more invasive. It was a response to a growing fear of another Terrorist attack and as a result the TSA and Department of Homeland Security were created.  We've spent nearly a trillion dollars on homeland security since the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and people are starting to question whether or not they are as beneficial as they claim.

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12 Jul War on the Black Man: Imprisonment and Recidivism

Earlier this year, it was revealed that the war on drugs was perpetrated to imprison educated, enlightened black men. This came as no surprise for those who are aware of the government and it's long history of institutionalized racism. Unfortunately, it didn't ignite a conversation that needed to be had on how to reprimand the enforcers and how to compensate those who fell victim to this system.

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12 Jul What’s Going on In Venezuela?

Right now, there is a crisis going on in Venezuela. Nearly one person is murdered every 20 minutes. At a whopping 25,000 violent murders  per year, Venezuela can be labeled as one of the most chaotic places on earth. With food shortages, hyperinflation, a dire health care system and constant power outages, Venezuela is inhabitable for even the most resourceful citizens. Why?

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12 Jul Feudalism Then Vs Feudalism Now

Imagine you're an employee at a successful retail store. You work there for a few years and the owner acknowledges you as a great employee who deserves a better position. You're hired as an assistant manager. Now you know just as much about running the store as him so he sends you to run the new store. You work like an owner but get paid an hourly rate of $4 above minimum wage. All the profits go to the owner. You do all the work but you make less than .02% of the earning while the owner earns over 75% of it.
Now escalate it to a larger scale where 10% of the population works for 75% of the country's income while the other 90% of the world only earns 25% of that income. Also, take note that the 90% does most of the hard work. The elite wants you believe this is capitalism. An economical system that is supposed to give you your fair share based on how hard you work  but I'd like to call it Feudalism. It's is something that’s been going on worldwide for centuries.  It’s the hidden system that’s remained in power since the Middle ages and it's even more powerful today than it was back then because you don't know it's still occurring.

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