Brain is Wealth Money is Temporary | The Scientist Agenda To Exterminate Blacks. Is this Real or Not !!!!!
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04 Feb The Scientist Agenda To Exterminate Blacks. Is this Real or Not !!!!!

Before one judge please do your research and comment on official facts. First off, shout out to Willie D from the Ghetto Boys check out his youtube channel very informational  We as a culture live in this imaginary world of bullshit. The truth hurts, but knowing the truth gets you closet to your true self. Our stagnation as a culture is not solely on the melanated person individually. Since the 1800’s even before then, us melanated people in this country been under major oppression.

Throughout history, it’s always been an underlining pressure to keep us down as a culture. The hidden fear of the chosen culture not needing the oppressor leaves the original establishment cripple. The fear of not being needed will overall lead to them being defeated. This is why the agenda to destroy blacks is too real.

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