Brain is Wealth Money is Temporary | One of the New faces of Melanated Leadership. Tribute to Dashawn “Jiwe” Morris !!!!!!!
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04 Feb One of the New faces of Melanated Leadership. Tribute to Dashawn “Jiwe” Morris !!!!!!!

Shout out to the Big Homie now Author, Motivational Speaker, Community Activist, Director, and Actor Dashawn ” Jiwe” Morris.  This is one of the underrated revolutionists of my time. Jiwe a native of Newark, New Jersey. Is now a God-realized man, not a God-fearing man. If you know his story at all, Jiwe faced a lot of trials and tribulation to get to where he is at right now in life. Mr. Morris Jiwe to most went through it all. To be an Ex-Gang leader. Involving himself to engage in the negative lifestyle, Jiwe has transformed his energy into leading men in a positive direction. In my opinion, Jiwe outgrew being a gang leader into one of the prominent leaders of our culture. By changing his perspective on life, Jiwe was able to create a whole new window for himself. Mr. Morris published 2 books, Many mini-movies, 1 real movie, feature in All Eyes On Me Movie. This is someone who was facing enormous incarceration time( not going to go into detail on that at all. Do your research your self can over-stand his pain). People go support the brother these are two great books. 




This is a dope video called “Instructions” giving his son his king a lesson of guidance and standards. Much respect

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