Brain is Wealth Money is Temporary | Much Respect too Zo Williams MR Voice of Reason!!!!!!!
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04 Feb Much Respect too Zo Williams MR Voice of Reason!!!!!!!


Got to pay homage to the brother I call Mr. Information.  Zo Williams born in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Raised in California, Zo is one of the most positive brothers of our time. We all go through our growing stages. The key is being conscious enough to recognize the growth that’s taking place. Zo helped me see my spiritual me by opening up my mentality.  Everything starts in our minds. Zo is a great example of Mind Over Matter, one of my favorite saying that I use to inspire myself. The knowledge that this brother gives out on his show is so impactful for our youth. Zo is big on reading which we all know is where a lot of real information is hidden. Remember the old cliche ” Do you know what is the scariest person in the world. That’s A black man with a library card” Support this brother

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