Brain is Wealth Money is Temporary | The Story Of Kalief Browder. A Young warrior who was put to the ultimate test.
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12 Jan The Story Of Kalief Browder. A Young warrior who was put to the ultimate test.

Kalief Browder an inner city youth who was tormented and falsely locked up by NYC justice system. This is not something that’s rare, this takes place every day throughout America urban communities.

Kalief Browder, a 16year old Bronx resident who was locked up and sent to Rikers Island for 3yrs without being charged nor convicted of a crime. Held in Rikers waiting for a trail that never came into existence.  Kalief was randomly picked up by the NYPD, for allegedly stealing a backpack(book bag). The alleged victim went from being robbed when it happens to it happened two weeks prior. No police report was filed, no record of the 911 call was presented. Bail was set at 3,000.00 with a bond of 900.00. His mother(Venida Browder) didn’t have it at the time. But in my opinion, it wasn’t all on her. Kalief has a dad and 4 older brothers. So that unfair that the burden was put only on Venida Browder. His Mother couldn’t work due to severe heart problems. This is how these prisons profit off of black Mis-educated youth.

Stay strong, Venida Browder still managed to travel to see her son on a regular basis. Over a 100 times, traveling from the Bronx to Rikers Island with Congestive Heart Failure(C.H.F). “A Strong Soul Will Never Perish Away”

The Judicial System 

The whole judicial system is set up to drain citizens of their earnings. From traffic tickets, fines, and plea deals. The Maritime court system that we are mandated to follow and believe into. The saying is Innocent until proven guilty. When actually it goes guilty until you are proven innocent. If you are innocent, why are you held in jail until you make bail if the judge even grants an individual bail?

Kalief and many other young Black and Hispanic men who are innocent of the charges that are presented to them. Are only held for profit. IF the system gets you to take a plea or if they can convict you, swells up the pockets of many private investors.  It was a case, in St. Louis, Missouri. Charles Anthony Chatman 24 years old.  Was incarcerated for traffic tickets. Ends up dead while incarcerated by the state of Missouri.

Sad to say that this abuse of power is going on throughout this country.

Crooked Correctional Officers In Rikers Island

Not all correctional officers are crooked individuals; But when it comes to corruption. Rikers Island c.o’s have been alleged to ordered gangs assaults, giving contraband to inmates. Contraband like razor blades, cell phones, drugs etc. On the D.V.D Scarface 4 Life. Rikers Island inmates expressed that Correctional officers use to pass blades out. Guards not breaking up fights. Guards selling drugs, cigarettes etc. They were so cruel they even resorted to starving inmates. Correctional Officers will get other inmates to do their dirty work to other inmates that are not listening to their authority. All of this obscene treatment was endured by Kalief Browder. Multiple counts of correctional officers physically abusing him. Correctional officers let him get jumped by a whole tier. The abuse was so regular, Kalief had to adapt to defend his personal well being. ” How are you going to be an angel when you are surrounded by devil’s” 2pac.  Mayor Bill De Blasio expressed his own word that ” Our criminal justice system is in desperate need of serious reform”.

Gary Heyward an ex correctional officer on Rikers Island exposes the truth in his book published called Corruption officer :from jail guard to perpetrator inside Rikers Island. He was a correctional officer in Rikers Island from 1997-2006.

In my opinion the real issue is towards all the melanated ,carbonated, African American brothers and sisters in high positions, that neglected this situation. Robert Johnson District Attorney at the time. Norman Sea Brooke, Union Council and The infamous Mrs Darcel Clark. Mrs. clark replaced Robert Johnson as district attorney years after this case. Mrs. Clark was one of the 9 judges who delayed Kalief case for 322 days while he was incarcerated in solitary confinement.

Kalief spent 300 days straight in the “bing” which is another name for solitary confinement.  In total he spent 800 days in solitary confinement. Solitary confinement a bacteria infested single cell that’s designed to torment your mind. Causing chronic depression which can lead to a person physically harming themselves.



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