Brain is Wealth Money is Temporary | Prison Industrial Complex: Big Business = Big profits
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12 Jan Prison Industrial Complex: Big Business = Big profits

WorkForce Exploitation and Profiting By Any Means

It’s tons of great jobs that are being held by inmates in orange jumpsuits. This country gives inmates jobs that citizens need so they can profit all across the board.  So they can give ridiculous wages that are so similar to slavery times.  Companies like Unicor( more for federal prisons) have deals for defense contractors, having inmates build superweapons for war.

Contracts to build shelby GT’s and other cars plus license plates through unique performance.  Inmates build refurbished vechicles for the military training simulators

List of jobs being held in prison

  • Groundskeeping
  • library work
  • dental assistant
  • airplane parts
  • electronics
  • barbering
  • carpentary
  • license plates
  • clothing


The prison industrial comples profits from a ton of different ways. The evil of curse thats attached to our fiat currency cancels out the humanity in our society. I watched a video from streetgangs.com Loko a Blood member from california swan blood set. He breaks down the profit prisons are making per inmate. 19,000 inmates x 41,500 per each inmate = 788.5 Million dollars a year. Thats just one facility in california.




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