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12 Jan Prison Industrial Complex: Big Business = Big profits

        Big Business is all America is truly about. Corporations have a stranglehold on societies every move, thought and decision. When it comes to our corrupt prison system. 2 major companies control the show. The Geo Group and the C.C.A ( Corrections Corporation of America).

The Geo Group and The CCA earn billions annually. From inmates to the family members or loved ones who visit the prisoners. To visit an inmate, you have to have travel fees, hotel fees and usually, the hotel is nowhere near the prison facility. Remember every business needs customers. The management training corp guarantees a 90% capacity rate for all prisons. In my opinion, this is why in the 70’s The Rockerfella drug laws and Nixon war on drugs began.  Reagan administration was just the icing on the already baked cake of destruction toward the melanated urban communities. All to fill the privatized investor’s pockets. By creating extreme maxima sentences for 1st time non-violent offenders. From 15 to life, to 7yrs direct sale. It’s amazing to me that in 1982 during the Reagan administration when he helps co-sign and push the alleged war on drugs which became the primary focus for America. The alleged war on drugs was, in my opinion,  just a cover-up phrase to hide the original agenda. An all-out war against melanated urban communities across America. A few years after the war on drugs was launched. During 1984-1986 crack cocaine hit all urban environments throughout the country simultaneously. That’s, not a coincidence. More like a strategized agenda to destroy the mind, body, and souls of the people in urban communities. Check out my prior article

“Anybody who messed with crack got soaked in” Ice-T

The prison industrial complexes are located in rural towns outside of the city. Areas that have no business commerce. The prisons provide the business /income for these smaller towns. Each city receives extra funding on the population of inmates.

In New York City there are over 70 prisons upstate New York. Not including federal prisons. Here is a link to the list of New York state prisons ( This goes hand to hand with the overzealous NYPD police department and state laws. Policies like stop and frisk targeting any Melanated or Hispanic teen or adult man. The city even went as far to implicate a new policy called Stop N Kiss. I promise I’m not making this up check it out for yourself. Check out this link 

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