Brain is Wealth Money is Temporary | Prison Industrial Complex: Big Business = Big profits
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12 Jan Prison Industrial Complex: Big Business = Big profits

To understand the prison complex. You first have to know the real breakdown of the 13th amendment. The 13th amendment allegedly abolished slavery and involuntary servitude. Except for punishment of a crime. In Congress, the bill was passed by the Senate on April 18, 1964, and adopted by House Rep January 31, 1865.  This modification was meant to benefit the freed slaves, but it was designed as a right front to incarcerate ex-slaves.  Slaves were released into to two population with no education, no money and no way of getting anything established to create stability to live a normal American life. So laws were formed to enforce slavery in a whole new way. No more cattle slavery, now modernized industrialized slavery. Better known as state property.  “Criminals are created not born” Dr. Umar Johnson

Check out this clip from the t.v show boondocks. The elites love to mock our intelligence, by placing truth right in front of our eyes.

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