Brain is Wealth Money is Temporary | Celebrating Paganized Holiday’s ( Do we as a culture accept anything we are given as the infinite truth)
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12 Jan Celebrating Paganized Holiday’s ( Do we as a culture accept anything we are given as the infinite truth)

In America, we are born into believing in holidays and excepting these days as a special need to celebrate throughout the year. As a culture, we keep these false traditions relevant by loving to spend money regularly. But when holidays come us melanated people look at these days of the year as an excuse to shop outrageously and recently be more violent.

The top 4 holidays, in my opinion, contributes to 4 of the biggest spending days in America annually. These holidays do not promote family unity or togetherness. That’s a false illusion these holidays encourage you to praise the pilgrims, Santa Clause, Easter bunnies and worthless Halloween costumes. “Stop blaming your children for you celebrating Halloween” Robert Perkins.  Ironically, this is happening during the months October- December, and January 1 through April. More than the majority of the masses go out faithfully to spend their hard earned money on Halloween costumes, early Christmas supplies, and gifts. You got people that spend thousands on just Christmas ornaments alone. 

Over the past few years, us melanated people in America love to spend on false sales. I say false sales because the price it’s dropping to is actually the price the item can be sold for regularly. But the corporations know how naïve and mentally foolish we are in our communities. A lot of items are overpriced to begin with, so they can give you an illusion of a price drop or savings. This is all to lure you into spending more, and more money.  Black Friday sales begin during Thanksgiving Day instead of our people enjoying spending time with family.  Majority of the masses rather go to Walmart to get a tv, Beats by Dre headphones or something else they don’t need.

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