Brain is Wealth Money is Temporary | Buying!!! The Feel Good Sensation For Melanated People In America.
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12 Jan Buying!!! The Feel Good Sensation For Melanated People In America.

Pee-wee Kirkland stated in a really powerful interview Back in 2008 ” A fantasy of illusion that’s fucking up black people. Ages 11-25 years old are overindulging with smoking, selling drugs, abusing lives and shooting guns”

Wake up!!!! It’s a war on our minds. It’s designed propaganda to dumb down our mentality to keep our mental frequency as low as possible. We as a culture have to stop living off excuses and start empowering our mentalities and expanding our vision’s toward a better future. Not just for ourselves but for the generations that will come after us. Let’s stop wasting time and money building up our closets for our physical appearance buying worthless items like Jordan’s, Italian designer brands, and jewelry. Also let’s stop abusing these drugs like synthetic pills, marijuana and lean. Let’s start feeling good about living life, instead of living life just to die. ” Your future should outshine your present” J. Jackson

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