Brain is Wealth Money is Temporary | Buying!!! The Feel Good Sensation For Melanated People In America.
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12 Jan Buying!!! The Feel Good Sensation For Melanated People In America.

If you are Melanated and broke its time to wake up people!!!!!!!!!!

It’s no secret that us as a culture get our feel-good sensations through the matrix. The feel-good syndrome we are all cursed with in some shape form or fashion. Question. Why do we buy objects or items that become worthless soon as you purchase the item? Why do we spend money on material items that only depreciates once purchased?

Materialism, Drugs, and any form of entertainment have become the blueprints to our individual happiness. I call these forms the foundation of the feel-good syndrome.  Yes, I overstand that there is a systematic agenda that’s in place to keep our culture stagnated as a whole. As I began to mature as a man, I began to conclude that when you accept the lie as truth the truth will be perceived as a lie. The power of perception creates your reality in my opinion. I know I used materialistic items to replace self-worth. Its easier to give your money away, than to save it and self-educate yourself on what to do with your profits. To allow your money to work for you, instead of constantly chasing money simply working smarter not harder!!

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