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30 Mar The Passing of Melanated Leaders. Tribute Page



Rest In Power to the great Dr. Sebi. Born Alfredo Darrington Bowman on November 26, 1933 – Passed away Aug 06, 2016. Dr. Sebi a Honduran vegetarian herbalist, healer, biochemist and self-licensed holistic medicine provider. He’s known as the man that cures AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes and many more diseases. He was also the Doctor that helped Entertainers like Lisa Lopez( Left eye from group T.L.C), Steven Segal, and Micheal Jackson. Dr. Sebi specialized in using natural plants to heal all sickness and illness. Dr. Sebi felt that “scientist violates mother nature.” Check out this Article On alkaline body vs. acidic body

Dr. Sebi died mysteriously in police custody. Ironically one of the healthiest men in the world randomly dies. That don’t add up to me. He was a threat to the higher elites in my opinion. Especially to the pockets of the criminal medical industry, that we have in this country. Check this video out, and you be the judge. Check out Dr. Sebi website. Www.


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