Brain is Wealth Money is Temporary | The Passing of Melanated Leaders. Tribute Page
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30 Mar The Passing of Melanated Leaders. Tribute Page

 Tribute article of prominent black educators that passed away. These are melanated people we as parents need to educate our children about when our children come home from school. We get short ended when it comes to learning about our educators, leaders and black liberation movements. Our children get taught about the same so-called leaders that I learned in school. 

 Frances Cress Welsing Born March 18, 1935, passed away January 02, 2016. Born in Chicago, Illinois. Frances Cress Welsing is a well known Afrocentrist psychiatrist. Frances Cress welsing Graduated from Antioch College and Howard University Medical School. She began to get significant recognition in the 70’s, for her published essay called “The Cress Theory of Color Confrontation and Racism.” The theory expresses her views on racism. Which she stated is a” worldwide behavior.” The whites status as a global minority feeds a fear that leads to oppression and violence”.

In 1991 She released her first book called “The Isis Papers ( The keys to the colors)”  This book goes deep into the neurosis ( mental illness) of white supremacy.  Check this video out of Mrs welsing predicting trump’s selection in the white house.

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