Brain is Wealth Money is Temporary | Political Leader Dr Mutula Shakur
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30 Mar Political Leader Dr Mutula Shakur

Born in Baltimore Maryland In the 50’s. During the years when black men stood for something. Mutulu Shakur was no different. The Fight for political change and uplifting the melanated communities was the mission. In my opinion, this brother is way more valuable to our youth than the hip-hop stars or athletes that our children look up to in this generation. Known more to the public as the stepfather of 2pac Shakur or the gangster on T.V Series American Gangster on BET season 3 in 2008. Mutulu Shakur was a stand-up man. ” Some people end up in jail by mistakes or choices. I made choices”. The choice to stand up against injustices and unfair treatment for his people. Check this video out of Mutula Shakur from his own words. Also, check out the brother Mutula Shakur website.  So you can read more about the political warrior.

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