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15 Feb The importance of Vitamin D

Poor eating and lack of proper sun exposure. Will lead to Vitamin d deficiencies. I lived in Albany, NY for many years. I used to look outside, and it was always cloudy and gloomy outside.  Weeks upon weeks will go by without sunlight. Making my mood depressed and always aggravated. Had difficulty staying motivated. My thoughts were never clear and were fatigue a lot. I never knew this was contributed to a lack of vitamin D. The days the sun did appear. I felt way more energetic. More focused and overall happier. I noticed this was real when I moved to the south. The ten additional months of sunshine. Elevated my focused cleansing my thought process. Plus changing my diet, boosted my levels of energy. Check out this article that I found fascinating by Linda Villa Rosa.

Keeping our vitamin d levels up. Helps our body fight a lot of chronic diseases. From cancer to diabetes. Too many others. We are attacked every day by the foods we digest. I lived many in many cities on the east coast. I’ve noticed that a lot of urban areas filled with fast food restaurants. You go to more wealthier parts of any county in any city. In any state, you choose to go. You will not a whole inner city highway or road filled with every fast food you can name. In Atlanta, every urban area is lined up with every fast food chain you can name. From Checkers, Krystal’s, Bo jangles, Mc Donald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, Popeye’s, Pizza Hut, Sonic, and Hardee’s. When you travel to more wealthier areas in Atlanta, you do not see that at all. More fitness centers, health stores, pet stores, etc.  Where I’m from in Brooklyn East New York, it was designed the same way. The city of Baltimore too. The movie “Amerigeddon” in a scene where the daughter of the family exposes the government. ” The government is not supposed to be in control of our food. Farmers suppose to monitor the food supply.”

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