Brain is Wealth Money is Temporary | Dopamine (The attack on our brains “feel good” chemicals)
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15 Feb Dopamine (The attack on our brains “feel good” chemicals)

Andrew Doan, a neuroscientist, and author. In this video expresses how these technologies are the pathways to addiction.

As humans, we attach addiction to just drug addictions. Not knowing that everything we consume whether foods, shopping, entertain ourselves with music, movies, clubs. All is lined up to keep you spending your money. No different from a drug addict looking for their next fix. I know people who can not go 1hr without their phones or gadgets.

These are a few ways you can increase your dopamine levels in your brain

  • The most important is Exercise ( increase serotonin and dopamine levels. Great stress reliever)
  • Increase levels of Tyrosine ( eating bananas, protein intake, and almonds)
  • Vitamins/ Supplements
  • Adequate rest
  • Be innovative by creating something new.
  • Build a task list.
  • Stay active. Don’t entertain yourselves to death

     A great book to get!!!!



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