Brain is Wealth Money is Temporary | Dopamine (The attack on our brains “feel good” chemicals)
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15 Feb Dopamine (The attack on our brains “feel good” chemicals)

Why’s that because I know those are still forms of addiction. That attacks the Dopamine produced in our brains. Dopamine is a natural chemical response that gives the mind “the feel good aspect.” Every time you allow your children to grab a video game controller when they want to or to sit on their phones all day long. You are leading your child to an addiction mind-state. Children will rely on cheap entertainment as their form of happiness. The technology era has engulfed the brains of children across the world.  The access of use has plagued a whole generation of young youth. Using technology to express every thought, movement, and happiness. This article shows how parents allow technology to babysit their children for them at very young ages. By giving children technological devices to keep a young child calm or distracted.

Every day it seems like a new invention being presented to the world every day. From drones, hover boards,iPad, iPod, smartphones and all social media sites. Children are dependent on these technology activities. At times I have to tell my son to go outside.  The idea of face to face interaction is dimension slowly.   All designed to wrap us in, decreasing our dopamine levels.  Keeping the mind addicted to technology for nothing more than financial profits for the elites of the world.

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