Brain is Wealth Money is Temporary | Alkaline body vs Acidic Body ( Keeping the body at a alkaline state)
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15 Feb Alkaline body vs Acidic Body ( Keeping the body at a alkaline state)

Aqiyl goes into Sebi alkaline diet.

The blood in the body alkaline slightly. PH levels between 7.35-7.45. Performing on a neutral PH balance the stomach is acidic, carrying low levels of ph. PH 3.5 or lower is standard in the stomach.  Helps the stomach break down foods. Digesting acidic foods on a daily make the stomach job that much harder. The body that on low levels of Acidic paralyzing white blood cells. Dr. Marcial Vega found this out. “The white blood cells will not be healthy enough to fight off and remove the bacteria, fungus, and cholesterol that in the blood.” High acidic levels lead to many other illnesses. Obesity cancer and diabetes just to name a few.

Cancer cells can not function in an alkaline body. Digesting more alkaline foods can prevent our bodies from failing to diseases.

Explains all the media promotion(mind control propaganda), of terrible foods and soft drink. Fast food franchises, soda companies, alcoholic beverage conglomerate and restaurant chains. Using celebrities(sports entertainers, actors, and rappers) to make the products appear calm and healthy.

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