Brain is Wealth Money is Temporary | Marijuana Legalization (The Hypocrisy of America)
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03 Feb Marijuana Legalization (The Hypocrisy of America)


Marijuana is the new booming enterprise in many states. The blatant hypocrisy of all this, in my opinion, is how something that’s allegedly illegal in one state, becomes legal in another state. Only through state lines. Federally, marijuana is still illegal. Federally is just a cover up for the elitist to be still able to come in and confiscate your earnings and plants. For their re-distribution for profit. It’s a privately ran entity within our government. So most citizen may feel they are not capable of doing heinous acts. Well, wake up people this is how this country operates. Everything is backward here in America.

Since the early colonial era.   Cannabis seeds and hemp plant used for multiple things. Foods, textiles, nutritional supplements and tons of other beneficial factors that derived from the hemp plant. The controlling hand knew how these naturally grow plants were too helpful for a citizen. They don’t make money when people are educated and self-reliant. The Zionist Bankers who run this society only profit’s off of not informed citizens. That need to be structured and taken care of by the government rule. People had to be condition against the hemp plant.

 During the early 1900’s( The 20th century). The propaganda tools have begun promoting and broadcasting throughout the nation. To criminalize the plant. To have citizen believe that using hemp will make you go insane. Crazy enough to commit murder and other vicious crimes.           Movies like Reefer madness, was one of the biggest movies promoted.  To install into the minds that cannabis or hemp was the most dangerous drug. While during the bulk of the early 20th century more people was addicted to opium than anything else.  Reefer madness eventually lead to the Marihuana tax Act of 1937. Federally making cannabis and hemp illegal. Even back then, everything was done  strategically. Psychological warfare tactics  used to control the views and thoughts of the masses.

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