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22 Nov Curing the Defeatist Mindset

Frustrated businesswoman

Failure is one of the scariest aspects of being a risk taker. For some people the idea of failure is enough to give up the idea of even trying. It is normal to feel afraid but if you let it stop you then you’ll know one thing is for sure. You won’t succeed.

One of the reasons why you may have a defeatist mindset is because you’re only thinking about the negative. You’re probably creating scenarios of how you’re going to fail and it is so overwhelming that you become stagnant. As a result, you come up with the conclusion that it is more worth it to avoid trying rather than putting in the effort in and succeeding with a chance of failing.

A defeatist mindset is a bad habit and like all bad habits, you’ll have to take small steps toward reversing its power on you. Read this article and find out how you can cure yourself of the defeatist mindset.

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