Brain is Wealth Money is Temporary | Capitalism and Slavery by Eric Williams
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21 Nov Capitalism and Slavery by Eric Williams


You will never be free if you don’t learn your history and part of that lesson requires that you do your own self-learning before you accept the rhetoric of our biased history books. The world likes to paint black people as insignificant figures of this country. We are seen as poor, vulnerable and a demographic that lacks power. It is ok for blacks to be outcasts because the world thinks that we are useless.

But it is time to change the discussion and be honest about the true contributions that our ancestors have made toward western societies and most of the industrial revolution.  Without slavery, there would be no America.


Because most of the economy was dependent on slave labor. America was the land of opportunity for entrepreneurs and part of that opportunity stemmed from selling goods and mass exports to other countries. Cotton, Tobacco, Rum, Sugar. All goods that turned poor people into millionaires overnight.    

Now if you’ve ever owned a business, then you know that labor is the most expensive part of the business owning process. For as long as the business is up and running, you will have to pay a daily fee toward your employees. That number can add up and can be quite expensive as the day’s go on.

Not only was it a good investment to pay a onetime fee for a lifetime of labor, it was their property. They could work their slaves as hard as they wanted to.

In the book, Capitalism and Slavery, the historian Eric Williams debunks some of the myths surrounding slavery and establishes our people’s very significant contribution to this country. America’s dominance was a result of the forced labor of our people.  Between 1525 to 1866, 12.5 million slaves were shipped to this country. By the 1800’s, nearly 20% of the population were slaves. Our ancestors were the keystone to America’s power.

Not only are our ancestors the sole reason why America was so wealthy but we also contributed to the wealth of the 1%. A great majority of their money was inherited and that money came from poor immigrants who gained their wealth from free labor. The Rothschild’s were slave owners who gained their wealth by selling goods and J.P. Morgan was born into wealth from a family who relied on slaves to tend the farm. 

It’s funny when people say that blacks are lazy when we gave this country 400 years of blood, sweat and tears. What’s even more disappointing about this country is how little they take care of the generations of these slaves. Unlike the Jews and the Native Americans, we haven’t received reparations or acknowledgement for our ancestor’s contribution to this country’s elite economy despite us being victims of oppression.

If you want to learn about your history, check out the book Capitalism and Slavery. Not only does it talk about slavery’s contribution to America but it explains why rich white people were so willing to set us free.

51rsi4-tagl-_sx316_bo1204203200_Check out this book at your local library or buy the book on Amazon. 


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