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21 Nov Avoid a Race War!

This past year has been scary, the number of police killings on black teens have increased. The election has brought the hate and bigotry out of our fellow neighbors. And somehow we have been forced to choose sides.

Everything is polarized. And we are on the verge of being at war with each other over an agreement that American lives matter.

Black people are finally gaining a voice but we’re always facing the opposition and their fear of our rising power. There’s this assertion that we are going to reverse the oppression. Instead of institutional racism afflicting minorities, it will afflict white people. As a result, there have been major conflicts and both white and black people are feeding into the violence and racism of those opposing voices.

This is the intent of those in power. Don’t fall for it because we’re not enemies. We’re far more powerful when we stand together. The media wants to fuel this war about racism because they want to avoid the conversation about classism. A system that keeps the illusion of race relevant.

It’s an overall prejudice in favor of people belonging to the elite group and as we remain distracted those who are truly in power are relieved of the animosity that should be directed towards them.

This is not about race. It’s about class and the separation we have developed from it. There is a hidden system that controls our reality and our views are so distorted that we destroy our own communities over this misled ideology.

Every time we fall for it, we are the people who are most inflicted. These wars have purposely created chaos in the communities of the oppressed. It has never progressed our community and it has never fallen in our favor as black people. In 1921, the richest black community in America was left with thousands of homeless black people because our businesses were burned to the ground. Millions of dollars lost because black people wanted to seek revenge and retaliate against accusations made by racist white people.

In the early 90’s, black businesses in South Central LA were left with broken glass and irreversible damage because we looted our own community out of anger for Rodney King. These are small examples but they left huge impacts.

This exactly what the elite wants. A community that destroys its own opportunity to increase its buying power. If we want to resolve our social issues, we need to the distorted view that it’s all about race and realize that we’re playing the same game.

Don’t believe me? Check out the video below.


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