Brain is Wealth Money is Temporary | How the TSA fails the American population?
The government wants us to believe that we are more safe by having the TSA but we'd beg to differ. Check out this article and see why.
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25 Jul How the TSA fails the American population?

After 9/11, the airport security became stricter and more invasive. It was a response to a growing fear of another Terrorist attack and as a result the TSA and Department of Homeland Security were created.  We’ve spent nearly a trillion dollars on homeland security since the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and people are starting to question whether or not they are as beneficial as they claim.

Now you’ve probably heard the news stories. A 3 year old, wheelchair bound child is detained for having dirty hands. Or the many instances where a woman is asked to strip their clothes in front of total strangers so that they can check their bras for bombs.

It is a complete invasion of privacy and they’re not as effective as they appear to be. In fact, last year it was reported that the TSA security missed  95% of guns and bombs in the airport security “red team” tests. It proved that their searching tactics were ineffective and that the security was incompetent making me weary about the protection that we actually receive.

As of late, there have been huge complaints in regards to the long lines. Too many travelers and not enough security. In fact, airports like JFK have implemented plans to hire private security to replace the TSA in order to create a less chaotic searching system.

Many say that we are flawed in our fears against airport terrorism. Not only is it rare for the price we pay but it is not handled in a strategic way. Unfortunately, TSA are only effective if there were a Terrorist attack on the airplanes but not much is being done to prevent terrorist attacks through other means.

Personally, I believe the money would be better spent on prevention intelligence and investigation for terrorism prevention rather than security that is only 5% effective. Below is a video explaining why the TSA doesn’t stop terrorism.

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