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12 Jul Feudalism Then Vs Feudalism Now

Imagine you’re an employee at a successful retail store. You work there for a few years and the owner acknowledges you as a great employee who deserves a better position. You’re hired as an assistant manager. Now you know just as much about running the store as him so he sends you to run the new store. You work like an owner but get paid an hourly rate of $4 above minimum wage. All the profits go to the owner. You do all the work but you make less than .02% of the earning while the owner earns over 75% of it.
Now escalate it to a larger scale where 10% of the population works for 75% of the country’s income while the other 90% of the world only earns 25% of that income. Also, take note that the 90% does most of the hard work. The elite wants you believe this is capitalism. An economical system that is supposed to give you your fair share based on how hard you work  but I’d like to call it Feudalism. It’s is something that’s been going on worldwide for centuries.  It’s the hidden system that’s remained in power since the Middle ages and it’s even more powerful today than it was back then because you don’t know it’s still occurring.

In the Middle Ages, it was a system specifically designed to keep all citizens in their country so that they can obey authority. Back in the Medieval Times, Feudalism was based on a hierarchy of power. At the top is the Monarchs such as the Kings and Emperors. On the bottom are peasants, laborers, and soldiers. The power begins at the top but as every group takes their piece of the pie more and more people at the bottom have to share the little scraps of power that are left. Today, we would replace the Monarchs with Central Bankers and Corporate leaders while the bottom would consist of people like us.
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