Brain is Wealth Money is Temporary | What does Mel Jackson think about politics?
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16 May What does Mel Jackson think about politics?

We have to stop looking for white saviors.

 Dr. Umar Johnson
By this blog, you probably have an inkling as to where I stand when it comes to race and politics. Dr. Umar Johnson does an amazing job further expressing my opinion on this issue. I don’t trust our government. This country was built on oppression and those who are in power have done a lot to sustain our role as minorities. 

To me our political system is a game. A strategic game with real consequences that effects the citizens lives drastically. What we see in the media is only a distraction. It distracts us from the truth and in some ways separates us so that we can’t unite and overcome the powers that truly control this country.  What we have to understand, as citizens of this country, is that our so called politicians are all controlled by the international bankers. 
These groups have paid for wars, bought out world leaders and have established banks throughout the country so that they can control the world. This is why I say that every political position throughout the country is selected and not elected. The elites won’t risk the chance of someone being elected by the people because we will have too much power and our agenda is not the same as theirs. Our agenda is to make sure all people are fed and living well. Theirs is to have all of the money and control everything. 
If you think about our country, nothing ever changes. Instead they appear to look better but underneath it all it is actually getting worse. Money allows them the opportunity to control things and it is in your face without you even taking notice. For example, look on the U.S. one dollar bill. You’ll see a latin word under the pyramid. It says, “annuit-coeptisNovus ordo seclorum”  meaning New World Order. Even Nancy Pelosi the Californian, House of Representative for the Democratic party expressed this herself at one of the representatives meetings.
Donald Trump admits on live television that he controlled politicians during a GOP debate. Other politicians go onto support his claim and even reference one of our major democratic politicians, Hilary Clinton as a taker of said money. I’m no Trump supporter but his honesty is commending because it exposes the truth about our politicians. The media(Viacom and the other controlling entities) dish out so much bullshit so that we can be distracted and the truth can remain hidden. 
The real problem is that we as citizens give our government too much power.  We have to come together to get out of the mindset of voting for a politician. Praying to be saved! We as a people have the power because we spend the money and we need to use that power to save ourselves and the lives of our children. Robert Perkins, a righteous brother I follow on YouTube said,” Us as citizens are destroying our nation by being so naive to the truth.”
Privilege = Private law
Priv from the Latin means Private
Leg from the Latin means law
Look it up separately in the etymology dictionary!
Take any government class and they will tell you this truth. Do your research and you’ll realize that everything that I am saying has truth to it. 
Now you know my thoughts. If you have a differing opinion, let’s debate this issue. I would love to see how you feel in the comments.
Its all one big game of chess!!!!
Listen to how our beloved president Obama( Barry Soetoro) feels about the republic. Its amazing how many jokes are being made. When we as a country are allegedly going through supposedly our worst times as a country.!!!
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