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29 Jan Let’s wake up

This is very tragic…. Look at this please people…. This is a video exposing the water crisis in Flint ,Michigan.  The people are literally in my opinion being poisoned.  Is this a sign toward a shut down of the water system in the U.S.A or is this setting us up for something  way more catastrophic in the days to come…….. check out this article also on this disaster in Flint Michigan

I am going to set the news section off with a bang with this topic !!! All our children should know this truth and I want people to do further research on this topic. This is a documentary about Christopher Columbus who been used to carry on One of the biggest lies every told to our culture in history…. Well this is the truth about America’s so call great discoverer  Christopher Columbus… Which is so far from true Check it out….

This is Top news we don’t get to see broadcasted around mass media news television. They show it once then it disappears into the air. This is Daniel Holtzclaw an Oklahoma City cop Who was found guilty of raping over 10 different black women. Let see how this really pans out. He got allegedly 235 years.  Parents in our community this is something we got to educate our children on…. daniel holtclawPlus us As the men in our communities must take a stand in our communities to protect them more.  Lets get off the Sneaker lines And start paying attention to what really matters.









Dr. Umar Johnson back at it again with a real straight to the point interview on the meaning of black middle class. Funny to me, because ever since I was younger. I’ve always knew that didn’t exist for our culture.  If the job you work at leaves the state, or just shuts down. A lot of melaninated in the so called middle class. Will be in a worst position than a person working at a simple low paying 9 to 5.

Listen to Dr. Umar Johnson break the real down. ( The myth of the black middle class)


The Hidden messages they show us in T.V. shows Like the Simpsons…

This is very eye opening people. Watch this video with an open mind. And wake up to the reality they are trying to expose right to all of us. The interesting part is that this episode was in 2004.  Watch for yourself and tell me what you think.






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