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07 Dec Hidden facts !!!

In America, the black culture has been looked down upon as a whole.  Throughout the century, decades, and years blacks only been giving a negative image only throughout all media outlets.  Even our great leader’s names have been discredited.

In my Hidden facts section.  I will open our youth eyes to how powerful we are truly as a culture, Plus expose how things are setup  to keep us stagnated as a culture as a whole. I will expose the news they don’t show on the major media channels.  The news they don’t want our children too know…


It’s my focus to make sure the youth know, how influential we as black people really are. All of the top sports were created by blacks. If you didn’t know, Now you know.

Hockey-  Was invented by run away slaves in Canada.(1820-1870). The slap shot, defensive goaling all was first invented in the C.H.L( Coloured Hockey League). This league gave way to modern day hockey.  Watch this informational video (posted by 1000 go head) do some  research on this topic on your own. You will be amazed the information you will find out.

Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf , known to the less awaken as Chris Jackson. Abdul Rauf was quietly one of the best guard in the NBA during the early 90’s.(91-95). A lot of younger youth may not know him. There’s a reason for that. He was blackballed by the league due to his religion beliefs. Once he converted his belief system too a Islamic religion. Everything took a turn for the worst. Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf is the NBA’s all time free-throw percentage leader. In this video Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf tells you it all in his own words. So the truth can be put into the universe about the shortening of his NBA career. “Follow your heart, not your desires. Chase your destiny, not your temporary wants”

Video produced:  August 2, 2012

By Mr. Wiggle On


Now this is something I have to let the youth know. I use to be one of those younger youths who wanted to go to the N.B.A and become an professional athlete. When you don’t know the true side of business growing up. You will easily fall astray to the lights camera and action.  The truth is that the world is one big stage.  Our sports industry isn’t any different.  Now that I’m more awaken.  Its to blatant to see to me know. The interesting thing is that. This is not nothing new. The rigging in sports from the N.B.A, N.F.L , M.L.B, N.H.L, you name it. To how people will ride or die for  teams with player they never meet before. Plus how many of us don’t put two and two together. How gambling is very instrumental with our sports of today. Championships I come to find out. Is no different from politics. It’s all selected.   

Here are a few videos to make you think a little. Remember this world revolves around business. That’s all sports really about.  Big business.

This first video (posted by Listen to Stephen A Smith subliminally admitting to the N.B.A being staged for ratings. Specifically the playoffs 


This video is posted by Boyce Watkins

This is a video every student athlete need to watch. Jalen rose. Ex N.B.A player exposes a lot of truth about the N.B.A and how the business works. Very informational video. A lot of players don’t go this deep.  Shout out to Jalen Rose for even doing this. Standing for something, having his own voice. We need to see that more from our entertainers. So the youth is informed about the bad of the professional lifestyle. Instead of being feed all the good about making it to the professional stage.



Health in America in my honest opinion is at an all time low.  America spends a terrifying $100 billion a year on fast food every year. Due to a lot of people being very comfortable in their ways. That’s how America is designed. Everything is about being comfortable. The thing which most people don’t understand is that your health takes the biggest hit when you are always looking for convenience. America has designed a world of fast food crazed, junk food addicted, no care at all of your own personal health society.  I hope this information will open your eyes to how important we are as parents to our children every day habits.  These are a few videos to get it started on how foul our society really is.


This is an article by Philip Ross, expressing how the fast food chains market more to blacks and poor children more than any other groups.  I am  personal from linden projects East New York Brooklyn NY  and in that community alone its Wendy’s, McDonalds, Burger King, Popeye’s, White castles, Dominos, 3 to 4 other pizza shops, and 3 to 4 Chinese restaurants. All in a 2-4 block radius. Wow. In this article in west Oakland there is only one supermarket (1) but yet its 36 liquor stores, and a fast food chain on every corner of the community.  Check this article out…..


These are a couple videos that you have to watch!!!!  These videos is just a beginning of how bad how food system real is.  Please take heave people and especially the youth. Just say no to fast food!!!!!!!

Video posted by: Charlesshzhang



This is an article about the Pork we consume in America, Why should we avoid this meat?. Now Honestly us as black people we not suppose to eat meat at all. We only suppose to eat things that grow naturally.. Everything is a slow process. But lets start taking steps to our natural greatness.. One step at a time..


We all everyday are looking for that right ingredient for our bodies. Look into turmeric.  Turmeric is used for arthritis, heartburn (dyspepsia), joint pain, stomach pain, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, bypass surgery, hemorrhage, diarrhea, intestinal gas, stomach bloating, loss of appetite, jaundice, liver problems, Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) infection, stomach ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), gallbladder disorders, high cholesterol, a skin condition called lichen planus, skin inflammation from radiation treatment, and fatigue. Check out website for more information

Here’s an brief video on Turmeric by TruthUnveiled777

Now This section is very important for everyone’s health in general. This is a video of the 10 food additives to avoid. A lot of people and especially our children in society. Don’t realize how many deadly chemicals or worthless additives that are added in our everyday foods we eat. The world is designed to make you sick and make money from you. They get us coming and going as citizens in this corporation called the U.S.A.

Posted by: Top 10 list



Chase long term wealth. We all get trapped into this weak state of mind. Thinking that chasing money is the way to make money. Got to get it right now mentality. No long term planning. The mindset of the get rich or die trying method. In my opinion that method is narcissism. That way of thinking do prolong your generation growth.  Me personally, I lived this way for many years. Until I self educated myself on finance. Dr Boyce Watkins a financial, economic and business management professor. Explains the beneficial aspects of saving just a little for a long period of time.

Video Produced on January 8th, 2017

By Your Black World

This is some education strictly for the people that are addicted to social media sites. Whether you are an adult or you are a parent who allows you child or children to be hypnotized to the social media life.

Check all 3 of these videos out:

Posted by Creatix 13

This is something to watch parents and children together. Learn how they infiltrated our minds as youths and the pattern has continued on. By using video games to disrupts our frontal lobe of our brains. The frontal lobe controls a lot of our cognitive skills. This is an article on health that will explain the functions of the frontal lobe.

We as an culture and country as a whole. Really think entertainment was something that was nicely given to us for our own leisure. Lets think on that. No form of entertainment is designed for happiness. ITs designed more to destroy our mental minds. The book Amusing our selves to death by Neil postman

Remember the war is for our minds. Psychological warfare is the name of this game we are in.  Check this video out people

Video by: Douseewhateyec


Here’s another great business idea. Shout out to Dr. Boyce Watkins and Andre C. Hatchett for this informational video. This video gives us as a culture a avenue in starting a small business. This business start up can allow you to generate passive income daily. Passive income is income that’s generated without any effort or labor from you.


This is the 1st video I ever watched of The brother Derrick Grace II. The title is called “Unlearn and Relearn”. This video inspired me to go harder as an educator to my biological children and to the children of our culture  as a whole.  We got to open our minds as parents to our children. Our children will be adults one day. Years will speed bye, so we as adults must guide our children throughout their journey of life.  It starts young. Our children will follow our energy. Parents our actions are being studied by our children every second of our lives, every second of the day.

Posted by Derrick Grace II ( Check out his YouTube channel)

Unlearn and Relearn


Another real Parent education video posted by on In this video you got a melanated father showing his children how to be self-reliant. Establishing service providers, instead of producing dependent service users. Anything dealing with the automotive industry can be lucrative. This video shows two young melanated black children changing car brakes. Yes car brakes. This is the art of saving money and being able to make money. These children will never have to pay for this service ever in there adults years. They can always make money from this service for the rest of there lives.  Shout out to their dad.

Posted by youngkhanthadontv YouTube channel.

Black revolutionist

The next two video are from Brother Red Pill and Brother Black Dot. Two brothers that promote a mission of truth and wisdom.  Unlocking our mentalities to what’s not seen or spoken about. From Hip-Hop, politics, history and tons of other intriguing topics. 

This video was on Forbez DVD. Shout out to doggie diamond for having a platform for our powerful leaders out there.

YouTube: Doggie Diamonds or Forbez Dvd 

YouTube: Red pill and Blue pill

Black dot exposes the Music Industry By Using Chess as his tool to break down the rap game. Because everything is a game. Everything that glitter isn’t gold. You never know the inside story of these false idols we been trained to praise. To the youth in this corrupt corporation. Use entertainment for what its worth. Don’t allow entertainment to abuse you.

YouTube: openupyourmind101 Nov,6 2015

YouTube: Blackdot


This is a very powerful video for our people. D.R Julia Hare one of the most dynamic motivational speakers in the nation. Gives a great speech on the destruction of the black family. This is one remarkable melanated woman. This is a must watch.

Video created by Thispbe777’s channel

This is Black Education TV.  A channel on YouTube that provides great spiritual information for our people. Deborah Yah Yisrael’s and her husband Yah Yisrael’s have a great platform for our people to help us begin to unlock our minds from the westernized matrix we are born into. This video is so vital to what is actually going on right now in the world we live in.

This is the brother Irritated Genie. Check his website out at

This video is a little snippet of what we have accomplished in history. Very informational for our children



This is a Powerful documentary on Conrad George Jackson A powerful Black Panther Party member activist and author of Soledad Brother and Blood in My eye.

Video posted by Ansar Muhammad


Another great video from Brother Malcolm X Shabazz A must listen too!!!!!

YouTube: Malcolm Revenge Aug 19, 2017

YouTube: Hezakya News


This is Sister Souljah. A very smart powerful black sister who stands firm on her thoughts on how America really is check this out. She is an author and a true activist for her people.. This was back when Rodney King was assaulted by the L.A.P.D in the 90’s but as you see too much haven’t changed.  Video posted by: Mother of the universe. Support sister Souljah























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